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What is Vulnerability Management and Why Do You Need It?

Vulnerability management is the proactive process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating security risks across your IT systems. It's a crucial component of any effective cybersecurity strategy. In today's ever-evolving threat landscape, vulnerabilities are constantly emerging. Without a robust vulnerability management, your organization is at risk of cyberattacks. Vulnerability management acts as a protective shield, helping you identify, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Limitations of in house IT Teams

Limitations of In-House Teams

While in-house IT or cybersecurity teams play a valuable role in your organization, they may have limitations when it comes to Comprehensive Vulnerability Management:

Resource Constrains

In-house teams often face resource constraints, including limited time and budget, which can impact their ability to address vulnerabilities effectively.

Expertise Gap

Cybersecurity is a specialized field, and in-house teams may not always possess the expertise required to identify and mitigate complex vulnerabilities.

Bandwidth Challenges

In-house teams must balance daily operational tasks with cybersecurity efforts, potentially stretching their bandwidth thin.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing. Comprehensive Vulnerability Management requires staying ahead of evolving threats, which can be challenging for in-house teams already juggling multiple responsibilities.

The Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

Our comprehensive approach to vulnerability management encompasses a well-structured lifecycle designed to deliver robust protection against potential threats. This multi-phased strategy guarantees a thorough assessment of vulnerabilities, proactive risk mitigation, and ongoing security enhancement.

  • Identify: Discover and document vulnerabilities in your systems. 
  • Evaluate: Assess vulnerability severity and prioritize them for remediation.
  • Remediate: Apply patches, upgrades, or mitigations, test before full implementation.
  • Verify: Ensure fixes work without causing downtime or issues
  • Report: GNS provides detailed reports to demonstrate the value and the necessity of vulnerability management and it's  documentation

The Benefits of Vulnerability Management

  1. Reduced Risk: Regular vulnerability assessments reduce your exposure to potential attacks.
  2. Minimized Impact: Swiftly addressing vulnerabilities limits the damage caused by successful attacks.
  3. Improved Security Posture: Proactive management enhances your security stance.
  4. Compliance: Many compliance frameworks require evidence of vulnerability management procedures.

The Scope of Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management covers all network-connected assets in your environment, including hardware, software, workstations, servers, and more. It encompasses IT discovery, vulnerability scanning, network monitoring, patch management, endpoint management, configuration management, security awareness training, and identity/access management.

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