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Testing with gnsPenTest

Welcome to gnsPenTest, an industry-leading and full-scale penetration testing solution. Our goal is to help businesses get the best network penetration testing with reliable results . With gnsPenTest, you can fortify your defenses, uncover vulnerabilities and gain the peace of mind that your network security is in expert hands.

Key Features

  • Egress Filtering Testing: GNS performs egress filtering to ensure your organization effectively restricts unnecessary outbound traffic, preventing data exfiltration.
  • Authentication Attacks: Validating user account credentials and identifying potential vulnerabilities in authentication systems.
  • Privilege Escalation and Lateral Movement: We identify valuable areas within your organization and assess the potential for lateral movement, helping to secure sensitive targets.
  • Data Exfiltration: Simulate and log data exfiltration, tracking critical information leaving your organization and ensuring visibility into areas where security enhancements are required.
  • Simulated Malware Test: Your endpoint anti-malware controls test for security threats by attempting to upload malicious code onto remote systems.
  • Timely Reporting: Receive executive summaries, technical reports, and vulnerability reports within 48 hours after the penetration test is complete.
  • Assessment Capabilities: GNS works with a range of tools, techniques, and expertise employed to evaluate and identify vulnerabilities in a target system's security.

Why Choose gnsPenTest?

Scalable and Efficient

Traditional network penetration testing is often time-consuming and can result in delayed resolution of security vulnerabilities. In contrast, gnsPenTest offers on-demand penetration testing, expediting vulnerability identification and resolution.


gnsPenTest combines the expertise, methodologies, techniques, and tools into a cohesive and integrated approach, ensuring thorough and comprehensive penetration testing that aligns with your security needs.

Real-time Insights

Gain real-time updates, review status reports, and track activities. Stay informed and take proactive steps to secure your organization.

Compliance and Best Practices

gnsPenTest meets compliance requirements and security best practices by providing the flexibility to perform quality network penetration tests as often it is needed.

Internal and External Pentest

Choose from two distinct penetration testing services or opt for both, enabling you to make the optimal choice for bolstering your security posture.

  1.   Internal Network Pentest
  2.   External Network Pentest

Application Security Assessments

In addition to network penetration testing, we offer comprehensive Application Security Assessments to identify and address vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications. Our team of experts provides:

  • OWASP Top 10 Checklist
  • Exploitation of Security Vulnerabilities
  • Enumeration of Sensitive Information

We help you improve your application security by:

  • Defining Security Best Practices
  • Preparing Against Malicious Threats
  • Identifying Potential Threats and Reducing the Attack Surface

Network Security Assessment; gnsPenTest

For optimal penetration test value, gnsPenTest incorporates an activity log that meticulously tracks all actions taken during the test. Network teams can seamlessly align activities with our SIEM and incident response protocols, effectively making every engagement a comprehensive purple team assessment. 

Conduct pre- and post-breach simulations at any time, encompassing both internal and external network environments.

Safe Computer
No expected network compromise

Internal Network Penetration Testing

Through our device linked to your internal environment, our expert consultants will uncover security weaknesses within the internal network. These actions replicate those of a malicious attacker.

External Network Penetration Testing

Taking on the persona of a potential threat originating from the public Internet, our consultants will pinpoint security vulnerabilities within your external network environment. These vulnerabilities may encompass problems with patching, configuration, and authentication.

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Spot potential security concerns within your wireless infrastructure. These vulnerabilities may involve rogue access points, wireless signal leakage, weak encryption, and other factors. Our security experts will also assess your wireless settings.